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2021 District Swimming

Splash !!!

As the last 12/13 Girls Freestyle starts, I begin to get butterflies.  I remember that this will not be the only race I do…

So this was the feeling I had before I started my event.  At this moment in time I was feeling quite, well, NERVOUS !

But in that centre of those nerves was a very, very, very small speck of excitement.

As I stood up to the edge of the pool, I began to think but before a thought popped in my head, the buzzer beeped.  I dove.  As I came up for air, I hear Foster cheer for me.  This was amazing.


Plop !

I slowly slide into the nice warm swimming pool.  I put my hands on the wall as I am going to start my first stroke, backstroke.

A few seconds after I hop in, a man starts to say “on your marks” and then a horn gets blown.

I immediately push off the wall and start putting my hands backwards.  Before I know it, I am turning around and heading back towards where I started.  Once I touch the wall with one of my hands, my friends and I walked over to a table where the ribbons are.  I got no ribbons but that doesn’t matter.


Today 31 kids from Foster Primary School were going to Toora for a swim !

We were going to race against two other schools.  We had to catch a bus to get there.  The first event was Freestyle.  I didn’t compete in freestyle though.

The second event was the Backstroke.  I was competing in this one though.  I didn’t get a ribbon

The third event was Breastroke.  I also competed in this one.  I didn’t get any ribbons.

The fourth event was the Relay Race.  I also didn’t compete.

Finally, lastly the two winners from our school were Lily and Mason.

It was the best day ever.