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Parents & Friends

Term 4 Update 2020

While COVID and the associated restrictions on visitors to the school has made it tricky to hold meetings and do our usual fundraising activity this year, the Parents and Friends Club are still doing our best to contribute to the school.

This term, we have decided to use some of the money we’ve raised previously to put some fun back into the remaining school weeks and also to make a one-off contribution to a few of the events happening in term 4 to help reduce costs for families – we reckon it’s the least we can do!

The things we have on our funding list for this term (Term 4!) are:

+ Supply icypoles each Friday for all students at no cost 🙂

+ Provide funds for the food for the Grade 2 sleepover (usually there is a cost to families)

+ Grade 6 graduation – details TBC

+ Concert / end of year celebration – details TBC

We would love to know if you, our school community, have any other little ideas we could get going that the parents & friends club could provide funds for – something that requires little man-power but would be a fun treat for the kids.

NB: In normal times, our group usually meets about once a term in the school staff room – we’ll keep you posted when this can resume 🙂  We invite any parent or guardian of a child attending the school to contribute to school via the Parents and friends club.  It is an important link between the school and our school families.  We would welcome the chance to meet you and have your input in our very active and enthusiastic group.  Children are always welcome at our meetings.

Hope to see you soon!

Brenda, Kim & Jade

Foster Primary School Parents & Friends Club

New Membership Form

Paid membership is $1 for 12 months.  Any parent or guardian of a child are most welcome to attend our meetings. Financial members receive minutes of meetings/agendas and can vote on any
decisions, but must be at the meeting to do so.

Please complete the “New Membership  Form” (available to download from the above link) and send  with $1 membership fee to the school office.

Any enquiries can be forwarded to Roxy Hurst

Good Food Policy

As a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden school, Foster Primary School recognises the positive impact that good food choices have on children’s healthy growth, learning ability and behaviour. Through its Good Food Policy, the school has elected to favour diverse home-made foods made with local, fresh, clean, wholesome and seasonal produce whenever food is offered by the school. The school also models good food behaviours such as encouraging children to eat while sitting down at lunchtime.

This policy applies especially to special hot food lunch days, regular themed food days (such as Breakfast Club and Hot Food Days), fundraisers and other occasions such as celebrations, sports days, sleep overs, excursions, camps, as well as the Farmers’ market stall.

The Good Food Policy aims to ensure that the school promotes a food culture that celebrates good food and fosters positive and consistent experiences and information in line with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. It is hoped that through education and modelling, the students develop an informed appreciation for good food choices and their positive impacts for life.


Scholastic Book Club

The Primary School Community has enjoyed another year of access to wonderful books and educational games through the Scholastic Book Club.

Catalogues are distributed to families twice per term and are chock full of great books and resources available at discounted prices.

Foster Primary School earns 20% of all orders to spend on books and resources for the library or classrooms.

This year we have earned over $500 in profit.

We thank the school community for their contributions which have enabled us to buy some great resources.