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OHS Induction Information

Volunteer Induction

At Foster Primary School we are very fortunate to have many volunteers from across our broad community.
Including parents, carers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.  We couldn’t offer our students the many diverse activities here at Foster Primary School without our volunteers.  We are very grateful for the valuable time you spend here with us.
Volunteers help with many things here at school, including classroom helpers, breakfast club, LAP, working bees, kitchen garden classes, walking with groups to and from various local events, attending sports events, camps and excursions.
In order to keep you safe, we need to make sure everyone is aware of the Occupational Health and Safety practices here at school and when you’re out and about.  As a part of our commitment to safety, we are required to hold a annual OHS Induction information session.  To streamline this process we have included all the documentation online for you to refer to prior this session.

Volunteer OHS Induction Booklet

Volunteer OHS Induction Checklist

Child Safe Booklet

Manual Handling


The next OHS Induction session for volunteers will be held early in February 2020.  We will notify you of session times very shortly.  Please register your attendance by contacting Kylie at the school office on 56822370.

Again we thank you very much for you time.

Contractor Induction Information

Welcome to Foster Primary School, we look forward to working with you.  To help keep you, your employees, our employees and students safe we ask that you read the following information thoroughly prior to starting works at our school.  You will undergo a brief induction on site, however this information is a good introduction to our safety expectations.  Should you have any questions, please contact the school on 56822370.

Contractor OHS  Induction Handbook

Contractor OHS Induction Checklist