75 Pioneer Street, FOSTER, VIC 3960
03 5631 6000

General Information

 2021 School Term Dates

Term 1 Thursday 28th January – Thursday 1st April 2020

Term 2 Monday 19th April – Friday 25th June 2020

Term 3 Monday 12th July – Friday 17th September 2020

Term 4 Monday 4th October – 17th December 2020


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School Dress Code

Uniforms can be purchased from 

Foster Primary School’s uniform colours are jade and navy. The uniform is compulsory for all students. Some items are available for purchase at the office.  There is also a small amount of second hand uniforms available for sale.

The school places bulk orders for windcheaters skirts, track pants, T-shirts, polo shirts and hats several times a year. Windcheaters and T-shirts and polo shirts come with our school logo.

Track pants, leggings, shorts and tops with logos are not considered to be school uniform, nor are pants with coloured side stripes.

A note is required if students are out of uniform.

Grade 6 students are given the option of purchasing a special Grade 6 polo and rugby tops.

Physical Education Dress

Physical Education and Sport is timetabled regularly throughout the week. Children are asked to always wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Boots, thongs and shoes with a high heel are inappropriate for safety reasons.


Thongs must not be worn to school at any time as they are an established cause of injury.

For further information on school uniform, please see our Policies page. Here.


To make an appointment to see your child’s teacher, please contact the office.

Scholastic Book Club

Order forms for Scholastic Book Club are sent home twice per term.

20% of the funds raised go towards resources for our library and classrooms.

Book Fair

Is run 1-2 times per year, keep an eye on the newsletter for dates.

Sun Smart

The school has a SunSmart policy which encourages hat wearing during outdoor activities. We ask the support of parents in the aim of educating our children about the need to protect themselves, especially during the early afternoon hours.  Hats are always available for purchase through the office. Students are required to wear broad brimmed school hat in Terms 1 & 4. between the hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm

School Hours & Bell Times

8.50am Bag Bell -rooms open, bags can be placed inside
8.53am Music
8.55am School Commences
10.55am Recess
11.25am Bell
1.15pm Lunch – eating
1.25pm Lunch – play
2.03pm Music
2.05pm Bell
3.15pm Home Time


Over half of our school population travel by bus. Children are supervised by staff and bus captains while waiting for buses to arrive and every care is taken to ensure that children do not miss the bus.

During wet weather the greatest hazard to children’s safety at dismissal time is the congestion caused by parents cars while they are picking up children. Please collect your child from the school boundary footpath so that children are not forced to cross the road in front of buses and cars to obey the parents’ instruction to get in the car. Please observe the restricted parking signs on both sides of Pioneer Street.
Children must obtain a bus pass from the office each time:

· they travel on a different bus.

· there is any change to their bus stop. Bus Pass Request Forms Available Here

Requests from parents for a child to travel on a bus when this is not the usual means of getting to and from school, or a request for a child to travel on a different bus on occasion, must be in writing and be given to the bus coordinator one day prior to travel. A seat cannot always be guaranteed as some buses are already filled to capacity and in such cases parents will need to make other arrangements.

Children must also inform the class teacher if they will not be travelling on the bus.
Changes to the bus roll must be made as soon as possible every morning. It is the parents and students responsibility to communicate any changes to bus travel arrangements.

If you have changes to bus arrangements, the school needs to be notified, either by a note or a phone call to the school.  No notification, the ‘usual’ arrangement will apply.