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Foster Primary School Council 2021

School Council meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month, execpt during school holidays.

Meetings begin at 6.30pm and are held in the staff room.  Extraordinary meetings may be held at other times.

Matt Wallis
School Council President
School Council Minutes May 2021
School Council Minutes April 2021

A School Council is the body which handles all official business relating to the school.
It is, together with the Principal,responsible for maintenance of school grounds, buildings and
equipment, and for spending all funds raised by parents and those provided in the form of grants
and allowances from the Department of Education and Training.

School Council membership is made up of parent representatives, DET representatives and,
when necessary, coopted members to represent wider community interests or particular
expertise. The Principal is the Executive Officer.

Elections are held at the end of March with half of the parent members and half of the DET
members retiring each year.

All activities of the School Council are aimed at fostering increased communication between the
parents, staff and School Council at Foster. The Council, through the powers and duties bestowed
upon it, is able to:

*provide a direct link in communicating your views and ideas to the Department of Education and Training (DET).

*bring improvements which you see as desirable to the notice of the school and the Department.

*carry out improvements to the educational and physical environment at Foster so that our children’s

opportunities for complete and stimulating education can be maximised.

The success of your School Council’s activities depends entirely on the support which you give the
collective ventures which it undertakes. The more input to the school’s activities that parents make,
the more confident the Council can be that it is truly representative of the school community.

If you have any enquires regarding Council activities, or any views or ideas which you would like
Council to consider, please contact the President or the Principal, or approach a Council member.

The names of current School Councillors are listed below.

Parent Members:

Matt Wallis President, phone 0408 103 184, email: matt.wallis@pgladventurecamps.com.au

Lucy Allsop Vice President

Jess Johnston

Elisa Nudelman

Mary Fitzgerald

Kimberley White

Kate Nangle


DEECD Members:

Sue Duggan

Marion Paulet

Jane Power



Purpose of the School

* to determine the general education policy of the school within the guidelines issued by the Minister.

*to be responsible for the preparation and monitoring of a school budget and financial plan so as to ensure that all
moneys received by the Council are used in accordance with policy decisions.

*to enhance the educational environment at Foster through the provision of subject materials, books and specialist

*to enhance the school’s physical environment by developing the school grounds to provide grassed recreation areas and the
opportunity for all sports to be played.

*to encourage communication between parents and teachers.

*to foster and conduct general educational activities for the benefit of the local community.

*to oversee and ratify all educational policies associated with the school.


We believe it is important to encourage parents to visit the school as often as possible to meet the teachers and pupils
informally. By this means we hope to gain parents’ fullest cooperation in helping the school to achieve its objectives.

Important Dates


School Level Report available

School Council Elections

Annual Implementation Plan

Annual Report

NAPLAN for all Grades 3 & 5 students

Attitudes to School Survey (Grade 5 & 6 students only)

Staff Survey completed in May/June.

Parent Survey completed