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Grade P/1K

What’s Happening in Room 9?

After two weeks back at school we are getting into the routine and remembering how to make our classroom and playground a happy and safe place to learn and play. On Friday we had a big talk with all the junior children about what our expectations are in the playground, and what the consequences are for those who don’t follow the rules. These are similar to our SWPBS charts in the classroom and involve having to play in defined areas of the playground and spending time in the chill-out room.

We have been focusing on Procedure Texts, which involve giving instructions for how to make or do something, including a title, materials and steps. Examples of these are recipe books, instruction manuals, instructions for games, map books, and so on. You might like to find some around your house and talk about them with your child.

This week in science we made straw rockets, which were lots of fun and showed that they were able to follow a procedure to make their rocket.

We also wrote a procedure about making a pizza. Sadly we couldn’t make a real pizza, but we made a paper pizza and wrote the instructions. Maybe you might like to make a pizza at home or do some other cooking with your child and talk about the materials and steps needed.

Have a great week!