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Grade P/1K

What’s Happening in P/1K?

We have settled back into school and learning very quickly, which is great!

Last week we had lots of fun with 2D and 3D shapes, finishing on Friday with making lots of 3D shapes with match sticks and plasticine. I was impressed by the students’ knowledge of those shapes, including rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, cubes, spheres and pyramids.

Our narrative stories are starting to take shape, starting with a plan of the setting, characters, beginning middle and end, making sure there is a problem that gets solved in the end.

We have been reading narratives and predicting what could happen next, using our prior knowledge (what we already know) and clues in the pictures and words. Our main text for the week is ‘That’s What Friends Are For’, about a little dragon who hasn’t got strong scales and can’t fly or breathe fire. What will happen in the end – how will the problem be solved?

One request – please, please, please make time to read with your child every day. I know everyone is busy, but this is the most important thing you can do!

Have a great week!!