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Grade P/1K

News from Grade 01K

What’s News in Room 9 This March?

Now that the Preps have been at school five days a week, we have been getting into some serious learning in March.

In Maths our topics included Time, Location and Place Value (Counting, making, writing and ordering numbers).

Description texts have been the main focus for English, both in Reading and Writing. We read lots of non-fiction texts to find out information about different things and explored the features of non-fiction texts so that we can tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts.

In writing we described lots of things, from animals, people, and places to our favourite pets and toys. You can see some of our writing and drawing about animals at the waterhole on this page.

Harmony Day was a highlight for all of us, with lots of orange, heaps of fun activities and our families and friends to share it with. We all shared the message of getting along and including everyone. You can see the photo of us having fun with Miss Wanklyn’s class in PE, using some special balls to convery the Harmony Day message.

We also enjoyed Crazy Hair Day (as you can see from the photos), which raised money for the school leaders to attend a Leadership Course.

A new experience for us all is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths), which we will be doing once a fortnight with new teacher Miss Prior.

So you can see that March has been an action-packed month!