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Grade P/1K

Class Narratives

Dear Parents and Carers,

Can I just take this opportunity to thank you for all your support during 2020. It has been a very different year of teaching for me, and one that I certainly won’t forget. As this is my final year of teaching full-time, I will remember this class as my last one, so they will always be special. I will be doing some CRT work next year, so I will get to see them and watch them as they grow. I hope all of you have a happy and safe Christmas and wish you all the best in the future.

Warm regards, Liz Kindellan


The Evil Dog                                                          By Alexander

I was at home with my brown dog, but my dog ran and I could not control my dog. But I let go and got dirty.

Then I went inside and got changed. Now I am clean. Now what do I do?

I know, I can play. I played hide and seek with Dad.  My first turn I won, then my dad won.

Now what do I do? I know, I can play tag. I won. My dad won. It was fun.

Now what do I do? I know, I can watch a show. I watched FG TV. Then I went to bed at 8.00.

Then it was Wednesday. I played on the swing. It was fun!

Rockingland                                                         By Ashlee

One day there was a girl and a boy in Rockingland. There was a house and lots of grass. The boy was called Jack and the girl was called Stasey.

One day Rockingland rocked too much. It was scary because it rocked too much. They were afraid. It was lovely but they were still afraid. Jack cried and Stasey agreed with him.

When they got used to it, it was really fun when they played there. “I like it when we play tiggy, and hide and seek. I love it here now,” said Stasey, and Jack agreed. “We love it so much. We like the house as well as we love Rockingland.”

Jack and Stasey got tired of Rockingland rocking so much and they found a way to make it only happen in an hour. They were so cheerful, they loved it so much.

The house looked tiny but it was gigantic inside. They loved it because there are all sorts of things like beds and toys.

They were so glad that it stopped for a while. Rockingland was so mini that only 2 people lived on it.

Christmas Day                                                            By Azariyah

One day I was so excited because it is Christmas Day. We had to hunt for candy canes. Then we found them all.

We ate them all and then we felt sick. We told our mum that we got sick.

We laid on the couch until lunch time. We all had the same sandwich. It was pancakes with maple syrup, and we felt a tiny bit better.

In the middle of the night the roof fairy was on the roof and she had fairy magic dust, and in the morning we felt way much better.

One day I was so excited because it was Christmas Day. We had to have a really big hunt for rainbow candy canes. Then we found them all. There was a lot of rainbow candy canes!

The Girls Sickness                                            By Bronte

We ate them all. Then we felt sick. We told our mum that we were really sick. My head really hurt a lot. Mum felt really bad for us. She took our temperature on our head. It was painful a lot.

Then we laid on the couch to lunch time. We all had the same sandwich. It was a pancake sandwich. It was so amazing and yummy.

When we finished we felt amazing. The sandwich was epic!!! But we still felt a little bit sick in the tummy.

After we had lunch we opened our huge presents. It was a good time with our cousin.

I got so dramatic I hit my head on a massive door. It really hurt. There was a big bruise. I went to tell mum.

Now I really felt sick. I spewed and spewed. I didn’t feel good at all. It hurt so much my throat got sore. I had another pancake sandwich. It helped a lot!

The Lost Boat                                                  By Casey

I was excited to go on a boat.

All the people went to pay.

I forgot my wallet but we got a dog. We got away but I smelled something suspicious.

It is the next day but I don’t know where we are. I see oil in the sea. I feel weird.

I went to see the captain. The captain said, “The boat is sinking.”

We got on the wood.

It is the next day. We woke up on a gigantic piece of wood. I see Jake on the wood.

We are on an island. It has yummy banana trees. We were amazed that we were alive, and a dog. It is brown. I have seeds in my pocket.

Two weeks later Jake went to go in the water and he sees a helicopter. Jake jumped in the helicopter.

We were waiting for Jake but he didn’t come back. We ate mango and carrots and an orange.

We are waiting nearly two hours. Jake didn’t tell the pilot that the people were still on the island. We made a forte out of the pieces of wood.

One day later some people came in a jet on a holiday. They asked if we wanted to have a ride home. We got back and went to find Jake.

Jake was in court and went to jail for not telling anyone we were stuck on the island. We never saw Jake ever again.

Me and the Boys                                                        By Colt

I flew to Mr Beast’s house. He gave me $999b. I was happy. I got a lambo – 2 lambos!

I had $999b. I gave Jake money – $12m. He was happy. Me and Speno bumped heads. He said, “What are you up to?”

“I was giving you $1m” “Wow!”

Now I had $990b of money.

Me and my friends went flying in the sky. We saw the moon. It was fun. We saw the city, then we saw the pool. We went to Speno’s home. We got a lambo. We played Roadblox – it was fun!

He had a DJ. The music was Just Tripping on Daisies for 24 hours. There was popcorn and cheese balls and chips. “Speno, do you want X-box?” “Yes, and a computer.” “You win at catching me – good job! You get an iPad.”

Me, Patrick and Speno drove my lambo. Then we played Roadblox. I got everyone Roadblox. They were soooooo happy. This is how much money I had: $899b.

I was flying. A bird went in front of me. I fell and I went in the water. Nooooo!! There is a log on me. I could not get up! Speno came and helped me. There was a door – it was red.

“Thank you Speno.” I gave Speno $100b.

I had $790b. My lambo is red and black and pink.

The Scary Jungle                                              By Dylan

My dad took me to the jungle. I explored and I found a house. I went in the house and I found a suit of armour. Then something opened the door. I was frightened because he was a ninja.

He taught me karate. Then he said, “You are not allowed to tell anyone. Godzilla came to fight the ninja because they wanted to see who was the strongest.

The ninja got knocked out because Godzilla chucked him at a coconut and it splattered and popped. The ninja got injured a lot.

I found the elatra and I flew very far away. Colt, Patrick and I had a huge fight with Godzilla to make him go away and he did. The End.

Walk in the Park                                                                  By Ellen

I was running and I saw Neave Staley. I went with her.

Neave had a dress-up and I did it too. I asked to stay for a minute.

I was ready. I am dressed as a mermaid. She loved it!

Lebron Hurts His Leg                                                       By Harley

At America I played NBA basketball with Herro. We were winning. It was 18 to 2.

I had 8 points and Herro had 10 points. Lebron had 2 points.

In the stadium it was warm but I felt cold. On the court they had 20 people. Herro passed to me. I shot the ball and I got it in. The next quarter Lebron hurt his leg. The doctor helped him up.

Lebron hurt his leg really badly. He was in pain. I felt bad for him. I felt good for a huge win. It was 151 to 100. After the game Lebron went to hospital.

The next game Lebron came back. That game the Lakers were winning. It was 50 to 100. We won. It was a cheerful win.

The next game was the grand final. I had an amazing win. It was 100 to 0. It was fantastic!

The Forest                                                                             By Isaac

I went in the forest with my dog.

I found a puppy and a cabin.

I built a tree house.

I planted a plant in my tree house.

The Jumping Bombers                                                          By Jake

I went to see Santa. I flew in my private jet.

I am a ninja. I texted Dylan. He said, “I am at least 5820km away.”

The next day I saw the problem is that I was stuck on the big island. I texted Casey and said, “I will see you in the house at the top of the island.”

The next day I saw Casey, he walked along the pathway and was getting closer to the house. He could even see us.

I bumped heads with Colt and I was amazed I saw Godzilla. Me and Colt and Casey were watching Godzilla destroy the island.

The Spooky Jungle                                                             By Jayda

I went to the jungle. There are lots of animals. I like it. It was really cool.

There was a monkey and there are heaps of birds.

Then I saw heaps of cobwebs and spiders. They were trying to get all the animals.

We tried to clean the cobwebs off but we couldn’t. They were stuck like superglue.

That night we had dinner with all the animals and we saw lots of spiders. Then there was a really big huntsman too.

The next day we tried cleaning the cobwebs off again and it worked! We knew why because the glue did not work anymore. The End.

Race Track                                                                     By Jodhvir

I flew into the racetrack.

A car raced me and I crossed the line first.

I came first and he came last.

I am the winner!

Evil Villains                                                                     By Klara

One day the wizard and the kidnapper wandered in the forest and saw the princess. They kidnapped her.

There were nine people in the forest and there was a huge pet dinosaur.

The wizard put a spell on the princess to make her stop talking. Then the colossal, humungous dinosaur tried to save her from the bad wizard and kidnapper.

The dinosaur rescued the princess from the kidnapper and the wizard and the nine people in the forest had a party with them.

The Magpies and the Kookaburras                              By Leo

I went into the backyard.

A bird was flying around and it landed on my arm. It was black and white.

A kookaburra landed on a branch.

I fed him some ham and he made a fantastic nest.

Riding Motorbikes in the Bush                                      By Logan

I went in the forest with my dog.

I went into the bush with Dad.

We had motorbikes.

We had so much fun. We rode down the hill to find a spot.

We had to test the track to see if it was slippery.

We went home and then had dinner.

The Aliens                                                                                 By Matilda

The aliens were playing in the backyard. They had fun.

The ship was broken so they couldn’t get home. They kept having fun at the kids’ house.

Then the kids fixed the spaceship with a spanner and some glue.

The aliens said thank-you for fixing their spaceship. Then they went home.

The Evil Witch                                                                    By Mia

It is my birthday today. We have a piñata. I loved it. It was awesome. I got presents.

Then a witch came. She was evil and she ate kids. She was mean and she carried knives around and she laughed in a mean way. She was greedy and she left.

Everyone did not like the witch. She flew back to her lair. She had a great idea popping out of her head. It was an evil idea and she had knives and a sharp cauldron.

She was smelly because she puts stinky bath bombs in the bath.

The Fairly Godmother                                                       By Neave

I was walking in a forest. I got lost and I met Mia. She was lost there for 50 years and it was so dark.

But a little light shimmered and it swooped up a hill. But it was gone, and Mia said, “Don’t worry. You will be alright.”

We found the light again and it swooped away again. We chased after it. It was very fast. We caught the light and found our home.

Mia had a new house. She moved next to me. She was allowed to have a sleepover. It was so much fun. We loved it, but it wasn’t movie night. We played games and the best part was we had a dance party, and she got to have two sleepovers.

The light came into the house. Inside the light was a fairy godmother and the fairy godmother said, “Can I come in?” “Yes,” I said, but still we actually watched a little movie. Instead her mum said that we could have 5 sleepovers too.

Nitro Circus                                                                         By Patrick

I rode down a cliff on my motorbike and I went up a jump.

An aeroplane hit me and I fell off my motorbike.

Colt came to help me and I went to hospital and I came out of hospital.

I rode my motorbike and I went up the motorbike ramp.

I did a Superman back flip and I landed.

Trash Trucula and Captain Underpants                        By Spencer One day George and Harold were going out of their treehouse. They ran out the front and then a storm came so they went under cover. They saw a trash truck get zapped, and it created Trash Trucula.

George and Harold were playing with Trash Trucula and they were having fun playing hide and seek.

Then they had a tea party with Captain Underpants. “I love Trash Trucula,” said George. The next day, George and Harold went to school. The principal Mr Krup was saying, “I hate George and Harrold.” When Mr Krup was going home, Trash Trucula got him and threw him away.

Then George, Harrold and Trash Tracula went to summer camp together and had fun. The End.

The Alien                                                            By Stella

On a sunny day I was playing with Mum, Dad, Adele and Jacob. Then a really loud noise came. We looked outside. There was an alien ship.

A spotty alien stepped out. We raced back in. The alien was there to take over the world. He was going to use a huge mind control to take over the world.

But he did not know that we are superheroes. Mum could fly. Dad can stretch his body.

I can make lasers come out of my eyes and Jacob has see-through vision. Adele could run really fast.

Mum flew up to the alien ship and broke the ship. But the alien had the mind controller.

Dad made a slingshot with his body for me. I went up in the air and destroyed the mind controller.

Adele ran sooooo fast he got dizzy. Mum flew and then jumped on the alien. Dad tied him up. We threw him up into space.

Rocking Land                                                        By Tully

One day there were a boy and a girl in Rockingland. There was a house and lots of green grass. The girl’s name was Amy and the boy’s name was Mason.

One day Rockingland was rocking too much. It was making them frustrated. They got tired of being rocked for so long.

That night it was rocking so much they could not sleep.

The next day they woke up to a humungous hairy monster. They screamed and screamed but the monster did not go away.

So they said, “What is the matter?”

“Do you know how to stop the rocking?” asked the monster. “Yes,” they said.

“You should go to the edge of the world and hold on to the world to stop it from rocking.”

“Okay,” said the monster. So the monster went to the edge of the world and stopped the rocking.

They were really that the world had stopped rocking so they had a party.