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Principal’s Message

A message from our Principal Lorraine Gurnett

Thursday 17th September 2020.

A reminder that school finishes at 2.30pm on Friday 18th September. 


Well what a roller coaster Term 3 has been!

A sudden change in policy by the Victorian Government  means that we will now have all children returning to onsite learning as of TUESDAY, 6th October. This is very exciting! All Primary schools in the Corner Inlet Cluster will be starting back to school on Tuesday, 6th October. It will be good to get everyone back into some sort of rhythm and routine as we move into summer.

(On that note, please remind your children to bring their hats back with them next term, if they are at home).

Monday 5th October will be a Pupil Free Day, to give our teachers a chance to set up classrooms, prepare for intensive testing, catch up sessions, extensions sessions etc., for our students in the weeks to follow. Some children have thrived in the online learning environment and we want to see this continue. Some children have not, and will need much support in order to ‘catch up’. We want to make sure that we are fully prepared to make this happen.

Term 4 is going to be incredibly busy for our teachers and support staff AND for our students. We want to make sure that we are well planned and well prepared.

At this time camps are not permitted in Term 4 but we have seen how quickly things can change.  So in case they do go ahead, we have a heads up on costs for Coonawarra Camp Grade 5/6 at approximately $345. We will let you know more as soon as we do.

We will be working hard to ensure that Transition programs for Preps 2021 continue (already started!) and the Transition for our super Grade 6 students into secondary college goes ahead as smoothly as possible. They may all look a little different for a while but will still give our students the best transition experience we can.
School Uniform is moving to ‘Inside Out’ in Foster! Janine Best will be selling the full range (including bags and hats) at her shop in the main street, so you can now pop in at any time and browse the range.

If you feel that your child has really struggled with the remote learning experience or is struggling with the return to school next term, please remember that as well as having your child’s classroom teacher to chat to, we also have Emily, our Wellbeing Officer, and access to a wide range of external supports should you need.

I want to thank you all again for taking the time to be with your children, to support them with their remote learning and for working so closely with our teachers and support staff to ensure our children have continued to be engaged with their learning during this time.

The classic saying “It takes a village to raise a child”, is so very true. I am once again, so very grateful to be a part of this village.

Enjoy the break.

Thank you and stay safe.

Lorraine Gurnett.

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