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PE with Mr Couper

Rosie’s fitness plan.

Emily’s fitness plan.

Mylah has been practising her ball handling skills at home.

PE with Mr Couper


The grade 3-6’s have been set a running program over the last couple of weeks in preparation of a time trial at the end of this week. The 8-10 year olds have to race 2km and the 11-13 year olds 3km. The rail trail heading west after you cross the Prom Rd has markers already in place that suit the distances our students are running. Some students may choose another course more convenient to where they live. I am guessing that Zephyr and Indy will run the beach at low tide at Sandy Point. If you are able to have a photo of you running the race or any other activities you have been doing to keep yourself fit then please send them to me via compass.

Grade 3-6 students who have not joined my classroom just use this code to accept 4yb4uuc.

Photographed here is the turnaround for the 3km runners.

Mr Couper.


by Abbey BEST

Abbey BEST

Created 10:07 AM10:07 AM

Hi Mr Couper I have done a lot of walks we went up Mt Nicoll loaded track, we took our scooters to the long jetty in Port Welshpool, We ran around at cement hill (gravel pits) around the bike tracks, We went for a walk at Waratah and sandy point and have done lots of bike rides round Port Franklin all in our breaks .
All the walks were fun and exciting.

Post by Rose 

Created May 11

Hi Mr Couper I went for a 14-15 km bike ride from Meenyian to Leongatha with my family it was fun but a challenge.

Post by Imogen

Created May 7

Hi Mr Couper
Yesterday our large borzois (Google them) dogs ran away into the tin mine (also known as the gravel pits) and we stumbled around in the bush there for about an 1 hour and a half.   Mum worked out it was about six kilometres and I have hurt my foot.  So I believe it is fair that my brother and I do not have to run 2 kilometres today.

Post by Maya 

Created May 6          I did a 5.38km run in 30min.

Post by Royce 

Created Apr 27       Mr. Couper I did a 3.7 k run in 15 min with a pace of 4:35 a kilometre.