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Prep W news:

Prep W Learning From Home

Hello Parents and Carers of Prep W,

It has been so exciting to see all of the amazing learning that has continued to happen at home!  I love seeing all of the photos of writing, maths, reading and so many other things that are happening.

This week we practiced the letter Pp and we asked you to choose a craft activity to complete.  Here are some of the fantastic  ideas you had: (James W, Mason B, Sam G)

One of the reading and writing challenges this week was ‘Who Am I?’, where students had to think of an animal and write clues so that somebody could guess what it was.  Here is some of the amazing writing that I’ve seen so far!  (Sam G, Maggie V, Oliver B)

One of the things I have loved to see during Remote Learning is how families are doing learning tasks together, and younger siblings are joining in as well.

James recruited Emily and Louisa to be part of his letter hunt!

Oliver helped Maya solve some addition problems using pegs,  and Ebony, Oliver and Maya played a subtraction game together: