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Prep W news:

Back at School.

Prep W News

Welcome back to school!!

It has been so wonderful to have everybody back at school and catching up with their friends in the classroom and playground.  We have all settled back into the school routine and I can’t believe how much everyone has grown!  I think the students are really loving playing with their peers and sharing all of the things they did during remote learning.


Reading and Writing:

We are learning all about narratives and the different parts that stories have.  This week we’ve been predicting what might happen next in a story and then checking to see if we were right!  Students have also been planning and starting to write a narrative story of their own, which is exciting.  We will be publishing these stories in the coming weeks J



We had lots of fun last week learning about and making shapes, both 2D and 3D.  We also thought of different things in the real world that looked like those shapes.  This week we are learning and practising Place Value skills, so there has been heaps of counting, making, ordering and writing numbers.



Our Mappen unit this term is all about creativity, and fairy tales!! Students will be using their creativity and imagination to create characters and change fairy tales to make them even more entertaining.  They have already worked with a partner to change a cat to make it really fun to play with!  We will start to make fairy tale puppets in the coming weeks.