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Prep W news:

James during remote learning.

Maggie’s recount.

Sam’s recount.

Prep W Remote Learning #2

Remote Learning:

We have returned to remote learning and I am already seeing some wonderful pictures of fantastic learning areas.  It is great to see how everyone has their school materials organised.


In Writing we are focusing on Recounts and Imaginative writing.  I am so impressed with how well the Prep students are sounding out, writing letters and recording their ideas.  They are becoming amazing writers!  Here are a few of the recounts that I have received so far:

Maths : Addition

In Maths for the next two weeks we are learning about addition.  The skills we are practicing include counting on, using ten frames to solve addition problems and creating word problems.  There are lots of ways that we use Addition in everyday life.  For example:

  • When we watch the footy, we can look at the score and try to figure out what will happen if our team scores another goal. Who will be in front? What if they score a point?  What will the new score be?
  • If we have 3 bananas and 4 oranges in the fruit bowl, how many pieces do we have altogether?