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Prep W news:

A Great Start to the Year

Prep W News!!

What a great start to the year:

The preps have made a fantastic start to school.  We have been practising the skills of listening, taking turns and having a go.  When they come in each morning, the students can choose some hands-on activities to participate in for about 20 minutes.  This encourages playing and talking and is a nice relaxed way to start the day.


We have been focusing on the numbers up to 10.  We have been practising counting collections, reading and writing numbers and matching up collections to the right numbers.

Inquiry Learning:

We have been learning about different communities that we are part of, like the school community, sports communities and our families.  Prep W has been working with Prep/1K to learn about bucket filling (saying and doing things that make other people feel good).  When we fill other people’s buckets, we also fill our own.  Both classrooms have a display of ‘buckets’ made by the students that we will be using to continue to encourage positive comments.

Home Readers

The students are doing a great job of bringing their readers in each day and changing them.  I will try to check the yellow reading diaries  each Thursday to leave a small comment.  It’s been great to see so many Preps reading every night J

A reminder to check reader bags each day, as important notes will usually be put in there for safe keeping.