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Prep/One W news:

A great start to 2021

What a fantastic start to the year!! All of the students have settled in so well and are arriving ready to start their learning each morning.


Our big focus in Reading this term is all about using good reading strategies to help us work out what the text is saying.  These are some of the strategies we have been practising:

  • Looking at the picture
  • Pointing to each word as we say it
  • Looking at the first sound in a word and getting ready to say that sound.
  • Looking for smaller words inside larger words
  • Trying short and long vowel sounds to see what makes sense.
  • Stopping and reading again if something doesn’t make sense.

The best opportunity for every child to practise reading skills is when they read their take-home reader every night, so please continue to share reading with them and record their book in the yellow reading diary.

I am so proud of the writing that everybody is doing!  We have been focusing on having a go at writing sentences with spaces, capital letters and a full stop.


Our Maths focus this week has been all about measuring length.  We have had lots of fun measuring the length of footprints, the height of snowmen and heaps of other things.  Ask your child to explain the two rules we need to follow to measure accurately J


Our Inquiry/Integrated unit this Term is all about Shaping Identity.  The students have been asked to prepare an ‘Identity Box’ filled with things that are important to them.  Students have been bringing in their boxes to share with the grade, and explaining why each item was included.  These boxes do not have to be completed immediately.  We will continue to share them for the rest of Term 1, so there is no rush to have them sent to school.