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Grade 56P News

Grade 56P News

The end of Primary school is fast approaching for our Grade 6 students, who will be missed, but are looking forward to the next step into Secondary School.

The Grade 5 students are ready to step up to become our leaders for next year.

Kitchen and Garden

Students have enjoyed their last Kitchen and Garden classes for the year.(Except for cooking the meal for the Grade 6 Graduation next week). Thank you to the incredible Nats who have taught us so much during 2019! The Christmas biscuits were a tasty success and the wheel barrow races challenged the balance of some.


We are currently writing an autobiography and hope to share some life snippets soon.


We have reviewed and extended our understanding of Fractions, Decimals and Percentages; worked out the probability of the added totals when two dice are thrown- then made predictions for the likelihood of totals for different sided dice; and had a play with making parabolic curves using straight lines.


Students are currently working towards an expo of Business Proposals to be presented in a “Shark Tank” format next Wednesday.