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Grade 56J News

Ms Power's Grade 5 & 6 Class.

Grade 56J News


For Job Keeper

The Government is ending job keeper payments in September, so that’s why I’m standing here today to tell you that job keeper should go on for longer.

There are still businesses out here that don’t want to risk their staff’s life so they are choosing to close or shut down.

Let me explain what job keeper is.  Job keeper is when the Government gives you a bit of money to the families that can’t work because of COVID-19.  This means that the money that these families are given pays the bills and puts food on the table.  Without job keeper a lot of these essential things can’t be paid.

Child care fees are coming back so parents will have to start to pay for child care again.  So if job keeper goes then lots of parents won’t be able to pay for their child’s education and education is one of the most important things in some young lives.

My dad is receiving job keeper and hopefully his business starts up again before September because job keeper gives his business that support that they need to get through these tough times and without job keeper already most of his staff would be most likely unemployed.

Some children and some young teenagers, whey they’re in these tough situations they can feel sad, like they’re not good enough and even can feel in deep anxiety so we need to give those families all the support we can give them and make sure they can feel happy about what they have and to help them.  Job keeper is one step forward to not just those families, but everyone.


Against Job Keeper

Hi, I’m here to convince you that job keeper should be slowed down and only give it to the people who really need it.  Like if your business had to shut down or your lost your job or something else terrible, or if you are a camp, a hotel or amusement park.  So don’t complain if you have one less customer, some people have it far worse.

If we keep job keeper for any longer than September, people will think that it’s okay to not work anymore.  There will be no businesses open, so people will not have anything to buy and there won’t be any jobs for everyone.

Another reason is that there is lots of small towns out there that were already struggling before COVID-19, so they’re struggling more now.  The Government has borrowed millions of dollars to keep the job keeper going.  This means that the next generation will have to pay more in taxes to pay this debt back.  This will have an effect on children’s education and putting food on the table.  Job keeper is good now, but what about in the future when we have to pay all that money back.

So think about that really hard.  Don’t just take the money because it’s there, leave it for the needy people.