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Grade 4/5Y

The Concert Wrap Up

Here I am walking up the stage with excitement.  Once I got there I stood next to my best friend Kaisha and we waited til we had to sing.
As soon as it was time to sing “Drive My Car” everyone started to scream and clap and I started to sing.  When it got to the bit to sing “drive my car” everyone started to sing their hearts out. Everyone was having such a thrilling time.  I know I was.
A few minutes later, the song had finished and then “A Little Help With My Friends” came on.  We all started to sing lightly as all of the main actors came out one at a time and bowed.  Before we knew it the concert was just about over.  We all gathered together behind all of the actors and clapped while ‘A Little Help From My Friends” was playing softly.  By the time we knew it, the show was over and Mr Carver thanked everyone and we thanked him.  We are all so grateful that we could do the show.  I had the best time ever!  by Elle.

My heart was pumping, it was terrifying.  I was missing the bows.  I sprinted across the back stage trying not to think about what was going on.
Before this awful moment I was dancing to “Drive My Car” and having a thrilling time.  This was when I was Eleanor’s great, great grandmother  The Beatles, 4 Rebels, 4/5Y and 3 /4P were dancing and spinning until the song was over.  they started to sing “With A Little Help From My Friends.”
However I got off the stage when the song started and I was the first person to do the bows, so unfair!  Jakoha and Daisy were already on stage and I was about thirty seconds late.  It was humiliating. But like I say, it’s not the end of the world.
After all the bows, we all reformed like the famous picture of the Beatles on their album.  The curtains closed and Mr Carver got the main cast together.  Mr Carver said “We did it!”  The whole cast shouted “Yay!”  It was an exhausting and magical concert for 2019, it was the best.  by Indy.

As I get on the stage butterflies are going nuts in my tummy, even though I don’t have a major role, it’s still not easy.  I have been practicing this for a while, so I hope I don’t muck it up.  Anyway, we were the last class and we’ve already done the matinee.  The matinee was good and my grandma, mum and nanny were all there watching, no pressure!
Mr Carver wanted us to do it perfectly.  Something else to add to the pressure pill!  But before the night concert I went to my friends house to ‘hang’, so then we rode our scooters to the hall.  My friend is in the main cast and I’m not, so I went with him because I’m a loyal friend.  We were meant to get there at 5.00pm, but I arrived early at 4.30pm with my friend, so it was boring for 1/2 an hour waiting around.
Mr Carver did a very good job with the main story, very detailed and very funny.  My favourite part was when the stay at home dads kids were going crazy.  then Ringo Star claps his hands and all 26 kids run to the TV.
The main actors were amazing, they really ‘got’ the play.  the back stage crew were awesome, bringing all the props on and off the stage, cleaning up the mess and the dust.  At the end Mr Carver got a big thank you and go to keep the yellow submarine that the Beatles used to travel back in time in.  Then Mr Carver did some thank yous and it was over.  It was a very good play that reached it’s full potential and pleased all the parents.  That is my recount of Baked Beans and Submarines.  by Jacob.