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Grade 4/5Y

Back at School

Grade 4/5Y – What has been the best part about coming back to school?

  • Seeing my friends and playing tiggy x2
  • Getting out of the house
  • Seeing my friends x 12
  • Seeing different places that is not home
  • Seeing teachers and kids
  • Doing my writing
  • Getting off the couch
  • Not spending all the time on the computer
  • Doing my favourite subject -writing
  • Doing my learning with the teacher face to face
  • All of the fun that we have had
  • Seeing the teachers x2
  • Not being on the computer
  • Being able to play on the playground
  • Music classes x2
  • Being back at school
  • Everything x2
  • Recess and lunch
  • Not getting confused with my learning
  • French
  • That life now seems fairly normal
  • PE

What are missing about remote home learning?

  • Being with my family
  • Waking up in the morning and don’t have to get dressed
  • That we get to choose when we can do each subject
  • Doing school work at whatever time you choose
  • Sleeping during the day
  • Miss going up to the farm whenever
  • Playing with my dog
  • Going on meets x2
  • Getting up later x2
  • Not having a strict timetable, choosing to do my learning in any order
  • Feeding and playing with my guinea pigs
  • Feeding the calves with Dad
  • Being at home with my family
  • Don’t have to get up and get dressed
  • My dog Wilbur who helped me with my learning
  • Being able to snuggle up with my cat
  • Finishing my work earlier x2
  • Going for a bike ride whenever I like x2
  • Being on my own
  • Going outside whenever we like
  • Being with my family