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Grade 4/5Y

2020 Term 1 Beginnings

In our classroom, we have been Reading around Australia. Each minute we read equals a kilometre of travel on the map of Australia. We move our name tags to see which place we are visiting and then we use the internet to find out about the town/place we are visiting and write about our adventures. 


Today I am in Warrnambool and right now, I am at the Bojangles  Restaurant. I am staying at the Pertobe Road Beach House for a night and visiting Logans Beach and the Hot Springs, then later on I am going on the Caribbean Cruise for a couple of hours. I saw a whale on the way. Tomorrow I will be staying at the Beachwood Apartments for five nights and eating food at Cbeans Cafe, then I will be going to the Lake Pertobe Adventure playground to have a picnic. 

Looking forward to seeing other places.

Written by Joni 4/5Y


Reading around Australia

Tonight I am in Port Fairy. I’ll be staying at Port Fairy’s Central Motel. I’ve found a restaurant called the Lemongrass Thai  Cuisine Restaurant, where I will be having lunch today. Then maybe after lunch, I’ll go to the day spa. There’s also a surf school and a rainforest. Tomorrow before I leave Port Fairy, I’ll take the tour to Mount Eccles Volcano at the Budj bim National Park. I can’t wait to do all this stuff.

By Mia Grade 4/5Y

Reading around Australia

Today I have arrived in Burra. The motel I have been staying in is great. I have hired a motorhome for my whole trip (Quite expensive). Me and my friends (Harris Harrison Josh and Ryder) have been taking turns driving. The motel we’ve been staying at i’s called Clare valley motel and is a tiny bit expensive. But the best thing has been the location. I have had about 20 restaurants in just 10km of the hotel! There’s a place nearby called Burra Copper Mine, and it has an epic lake. I don’t know if you are allowed to jump in, but anyway it’s warm and nice and if I’m not in there, I will be at Cook o Burra! (ha ha) is a great cafe with yummy burgers and the  fries and the flake was Scrumdiddlyumptious. Anyway, the motel had a pool. At 9’ o’clock at night we had a Crazy pool party (Only the 6 of us!) Well, when I say crazy it wasn’t that crazy we only had 19 games of tiggy and nothing else. Oh and a (soft) drink. Then we set off for our Next stop: Somewhere. 

By Tom.L  45Y


Today I’m going to TowerHill Wildlife Tour and for lunch I’m eating at Two Kings burgers. I’m staying at the Quest Warrnambool for $160. Tomorrow before I leave I am going to Warrnambool Wander Tour and if I’m lucky I might see a seal or 2 for $80.95 ($90). Ok, I have to go now, Bye.

By Caitlin 4\5Y 


Hi, Today Josh, Tom and I are in Eucla and we are staying at Eucla Motor Hotel and it has a pool! We  are hiring a stretch ferrari motorhome (50,000 for the whole trip).

Today we had for breakfast, a chocolate sundae ( it was Sunday, so we deserved it since we made it through the week) with some super duper sweet waffles. Then we went shopping until we got bored. We went to a place called Bunda Cliffs and by the end of the tour it was time for dinner and for dinner we stopped of at a place called Bill’s pizza and pasta. It was scrumdiddlyumptious. We got back to our room and got our bathers on and went to the pool. We got to bed at 3 in the morning’.

We woke up and it was 10:30am, we rushed in our pj’s to get breakfast before it closed and we made it just in time. We bought the biggest thing, it was ( dun… dun… duuuuuun!!!!! ) waffles, pancakes with honey maple syrup and vanilla ice cream (5 scoops)              

By Harris 4/5Y     


Kitchen garden classes

 We sat down and Nat started to hand us the recipes, a thrill of excitement rang down my back. I was eager to start.  The leaders were Willow, Holly, Ava & Chad and they got to line up first to wash their hands. They had to assign people to their jobs. Milly to this, Charlotte to that. This was the noisy part of the lesson . Everything went quiet and we started to cook broad beans, tomatoes, parsley, garlic, pepper & salt. We peeled the peas and one popped into the air and we couldn’t find  it anywhere. Time whizzed past, we are nearly up to eating. Everyone agreed it was phenomenal. Yum I’m definitely going to make this at home.

By Charlotte 4/5Y

Ms Young and The Stove

We were all frightened and confused. Do you want to know what happened? It was odd. There was too much gas on the stove and it went KABOOM.It was as quick as lightning.It was awful. We were all relieved. My face started to heat up, it felt like flames all over me. Afterwards it all went back to normal. I feel awake now. We are all safe and sound,thank you Ms Young.I have never felt like that in my life. Anyway I really liked the Moroccan silver beet, it was my favourite. It was a strong spicy flavouring. It has come to the end of the kitchen class.

By Willow 4/5Y