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Grade 12J News

Grade 12J Back at School

1/2J News!

What a busy couple of weeks it has been being back in the classroom! The Grade 1/2 students have been busy settling back into our classroom routine and catching up with their peers. It has been great to see their smiling faces back at school and seeing them being able to interact with their peers again in person rather than through Google Meet!!

In Maths we have been working on place value for the last couple of weeks. Students have been working on their rubric activities independently which they have been thoroughly enjoying.

Our weekly Home Learning books are back up and running again with the student’s weekly spelling words and word search to complete. These will now be sent out on a Monday and are to be returned on a Friday. There are a few books which have not come back since remote learning. If you have noticed that your child has not had their Home Learning book and has instead had some stapled bits of paper, could you please have a look at home and see if it is hiding in a safe place!

Last week we did a bit of a focus on Science. We decided that we were going to drop an egg from the cubby in the playground and the students had to create something that would prevent the egg from breaking when it hit the ground. The students came up with some very creative ideas and were very successful with their creations, with only a small number of eggs broken!



Could all students please make sure they are bringing their own drink bottles to school please. I have also noticed that with the weather now a bit colder, the students are eating more food and are always ‘hungry’! If it is possible to pack an extra snack or two in their lunches that would be great.

Miss Jones J