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Toora Pool Closed

The Toora Swimming Pool has now closed for the season.

Tissues & Hand Sanitiser

Due to the need to be extra diligent when it comes to personal hygiene at the moment;  we ask that students bring along their own tissues and hand sanitiser to be kept at their desk if possible. We understand the short supply of these items as the school cannot obtain them either, so where possible if you can supply these items it would be much appreciated.
We continue to remind the students to wash their hands regularly and our cleaners are doing the extra things to ensure the cleanliness of the school.  Should you have any questions, please call the office.

Staff Car Park OUT OF BOUNDS

Please remind children that the staff car park is out of bounds and should not be used as a pedestrian walkway.

Last week there was a close call with a staff member reversing out of the car park at 9.00am to go to the Foster Pool.  A student ran behind the car in a rush to get to class.  Fortunately the car has a reversing camera which helped to avoid a terrible accident.

Sandy Point Bus Full

The Sandy Point bus is now full.

We are unable to give out bus passes for this bus this year.

Only registered bus travellers will be able to use this bus.

Thank you.