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Getting 'Unstuck' Spinner

I’ve got this!” — do you remember saying that to your child?

“I’ve got this, I will send your teacher an email tonight.” 

“I’ve got this, I will reschedule your appointment tomorrow.”

“I’ve got this, I will open it for you.”

We all might be guilty here. As parents, the LAST thing we want is to see our children struggle.

But learning to overcome the struggle is crucial for children.

As Angela Duckworth put it:

“If you solve their problems, guess what? They will not figure out how to solve their own problems if you make life a frictionless path. Then don’t be surprised when they are not very resilient.” 

So seeing our children struggle a little longer than what we’re comfortable with might be just what they need from us.

What we CAN do is provide our support and encouragement in the process.

We can also equip them with tools like this week’s PRINTABLE.

DOWNLOAD “My Getting Unstuck Spinner” to help your children find strategies when they’re feeling stuck or facing a problem.

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