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Grade 56P News

Ms Paulet's Grade 5 & 6 Class.

News from Grade 56P

5/6P have been adapting to remote learning and letting  their creative sides flourish.

Indigo has been busy making a kite out of vine leaves for some outdoor maths, and she has created a new book cover for the narrative she is currently reading.

Daisy completed her weather station by creating a barometer, anenemometer, rain gauge and wind vane from bits and pieces at home. These will be used to collect local weather data as part of our Mappen unit this term.

Esther made her own clay to create her animal for art, and added some great details and accessories!

While we are so lucky to have technology to support us at this time, it is wonderful to see students taking time away from the screen and being so creative and inventive.

Ms Prior.