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Grade 56P News

Ms Paulet's Grade 5 & 6 Class.

News from Grade 56P

Our science experiences and observations!

Our science topic in our class is light. So far we have learned about light rays. Light rays can be bent or made to change direction. When you put a straw in a glass with water, it looks bent. This is because the rays of light slow down as they pass through the water and back through the air to our eyes, and  they bend in the water.

Today we decided to try and make a rainbow with a jewel outside in the sun. We got a piece of paper and shone the jewel on the paper to make a rainbow.

We also found out, if you draw an arrow on the glass facing the right then put water in the glass, the arrow will appear to be longer and facing the opposite side.

We are going to do an investigation with something that we want to find out next.

Meika,Indy,Jules and Lewis.