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Parents & Friends

Parents and Friends Club


Our group usually meets once a month in the school staff room (dates posted in the school newsletter).

We invite any parent or guardian of a child attending the school to come along to our meetings.  Alternatively you can become a member for an annual fee of $1 and have the agenda/minutes emailed to you and we will keep you informed of what is going on and what is coming up in the future.

If you would like to become a member please return the form below with $1 to the office and you can be put onto our list of members.

We would welcome the chance to meet you and have your input in our very active and enthusiastic group.  Children are always welcome at our meetings.

Foster Primary School Parents & Friends Club

New Membership Form

Paid membership is $1 for 12 months.  Any parent or guardian of a child are most welcome to attend our meetings. Financial members receive minutes of meetings/agendas and can vote on any
decisions, but must be at the meeting to do so.

Please send your details, name, address, email, mobile number, home phone number and child’s name, with $1 membership fee to the school office.

Any enquiries can be forwarded to Annette Lillholm

Kitchen Garden Program  – Call for volunteers for the Farmer’s Market stall


The Kitchen Garden Program has a new fundraising opportunity at the monthly Foster Farmer’s Market. The school hosts a BBQ selling msg and preservative free sausages (made by Dino the Butcher), homemade hamburgers, and bacon and egg rolls. Alongside this is our kitchen garden merchandise stall, including the preserves produced by the school’s educational program, hand-printed tea towels and bags. You can even pick up some worm wee for your garden! It is hoped in the future this will expand to sell any excess produce from the school’s garden.

We are looking for parent and grade 5-6 volunteers to assist with the food preparation and also at the market stall. The market runs on the 3rd Saturday of each month, and the food will be prepared at school on the Friday morning before each market (9-10am).

If you are able to assist please call Brenda, stall co-ordinator and ‘Good Food Group’ member on 0412 790 095. The Kitchen Garden program is a valuable asset for the school and we would greatly appreciate any support.

Good Food Group – information

The Good Food Group is a recently formed group of parents from the Parent’s and Friends Club who are interested in supporting the Foster Primary School in providing good food choices on special lunch days and other occasions when food is offered at school. Following the principles of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, ‘good food’ means food that is ideally home-made with local, fresh, clean (chemical free), wholesome and seasonal produce. We also try to accommodate common dietary needs. If you want to learn more, get involved or provide any feedback, please contact Bec 0439 872 883, Hanna 0431 112 872 or Brenda 0412 790 095.

Scholastic Book Club

The Primary School Community has enjoyed another year of access to wonderful books and educational games through the Scholastic Book Club.

Catalogues are distributed to families twice per term and are chock full of great books and resources available at discounted prices.

Foster Primary School earns 20% of all orders to spend on books and resources for the library or classrooms.

This year we have earned our $500 in profit.

We thank the school community for their contributions which have enabled us to buy some great resources.